Since 1995 Triton has actively participated in high school co-op programs. During this period, hundreds of students have called Triton home for the majority of their school week.

Current Co-op Student

One of our current co-op students is Cory, who is currently attending Bayview Secondary School and will be graduating next year. He enjoys the world of business and hopes to own and operate his own business later in his career.

During my co-op semester at Triton Sales and Marketing, I would have never have imagined it to be like this. Every day was really enjoyable, especially having the dogs around (Luka is my favourite). I learned and refined so many different skills that I could apply in the workforce, especially speaking with confidence. Thank you Triton! ”- Cory Huang, Luka’s biggest fan, Co-op student, May 2017

Testimonies and Past Co-op Experiences

“During my amazing co-op experience at Triton Sales & Marketing, I have learned how the promotional marketing industry operates not just in Canada, but worldwide. I am very appreciative that Jack gave me the opportunity to co-op at Triton, which has expanded my horizons in the business field. Without his great passion for business and pushing me to become a motivated individual, I would not have the chance to develop my communication skills. Thank you”Lucas Luo, Co-op Student

 “My experience at Triton was all I could ask for from a top-notch Co-op experience, where I was able to do exactly what I had wanted to do when I decided to take Cooperative Education as my second semester elective. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!”- Kunal Joshi, Co-op Student

“It was a wonderful opportunity to work at Triton. I definitely learned a lot, you were not just a great boss but a great teacher as well. I am going to University of Toronto for Management and I can say that everything I learned at Triton will help me be successful in the Management program.”Sameen Reaz, Co-op Student

“I wanted to say how grateful I was for the experience I received from working at Triton Sales and Marketing. Without you pushing me to become more motivated, I don’t think I would have been able to open these doors of opportunity for myself”Vadim Kogan, Co-op Student.